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I'll re-write your Ad Copy/Blurb

I'll re-write your Ad Copy/Blurb

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Authors! Is your Shopify store bustling with footfalls, but not the sweet sound of sales? Do you see bookworms browsing but not buying? Fear not, for I’m here to bring the magic back into your e-shelves!

Since 2008, I've been knee-deep in the SEO game. Back when blogs were just starting to bloom, I was tinkering with algorithms, understanding the art of being seen - and not just by anyone, but by those who truly matter.

Writing a book is an art, but selling it? That's where the crafty magic begins. I craft ad copy and blurbs that don't just lure people in; they enthrall, excite, and (let’s be honest) make it nearly impossible for them not to click 'Add to Cart'. Because hey, a little temptation never hurt anyone, right?

Sure, a catchy hook can reel readers in. But my goal? To jolt them out of their digital daze and make your book the star of their screen. Wakey-wakey, dear reader! A literary adventure awaits.

Whether you need zesty lines for ads, social media content that sizzles, video scripts that pop, or newsletters that are nothing short of novel, I've got the words that work wonders. Words that whisper (or sometimes shout): "Why are you still scrolling? Buy the book already!"

Your masterpiece deserves an audience eager for every page. Let’s make getting your books as irresistible as that 'one more chapter' feeling at midnight. Ready to turn those browsers into book buyers? Let's sprinkle a little SEO magic and watch your sales soar!


BASIC Ad Copy/Blurb Rewrite: Send me your blurb/Ad copy/Landing page description and I'll wave my magic wand and give it a fabulous rewrite. (Typical turnaround: 24 hours)

FULL Ad Copy Package (Purchase 4 or more Ad Copy services): Send me your book and I'll write at least 4 pieces of ad copy, a selection of short form ad copy for social media posts and a personalized letter highlighting the book's USP (Unique selling point.) I'll read your book cover to cover, analyze your reviews and create a truly magical report for you to keep. Packed with ad copy ideas and suggestions for creative, too. (Typical turnaround: 3 working days)

*I cannot guarantee results, but promise to provide you with ad-copy that is most likely to speak to your type of reader and generate sales.

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