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AI For Authors: How to Use AI as a Tool and Not a Crutch (1 hour class + 500 Prompts)

AI For Authors: How to Use AI as a Tool and Not a Crutch (1 hour class + 500 Prompts)

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Author friends! Here's a riddle for you: What’s as versatile as a pocket knife, as reliable as a KitchenAid mixer, and as helpful as your favorite personal assistant? If you guessed AI, you're absolutely right.

Welcome to "AI for Authors: How to Use AI as a Tool, Not a Crutch", your one-stop-shop to boosting productivity, managing your author business like a boss, and discovering new levels of writing genius. And breathe easy, we're not looking to let AI write the next American novel.

I've been friends with computers since 1994, traded jokes with HTML5 as a teenager, created room escape games just for kicks, and been leveraging ChatGPT since 2022. Anyone else remember that quirky paperclip from Windows 5? And the super helpful autocomplete from Google and Amazon? Yep, they're part of the AI family, and have been around for decades!

So, no need to prepare for a Skynet takeover. But it doesn’t hurt to say "please" and "thank you" when you use AI, right?

Now, let's address the elephant in the room: Is using AI cheating? Well, do we accuse dishwashers or washing machines of doing our jobs? Not really. They're just there to help us focus on the things that matter most.

So what can you expect from this class? You'll become proficient in leveraging ChatGPT to:

  • Identify your writing strengths and weaknesses
  • Boost your writing prowess
  • Write SEO-friendly blurbs and descriptions
  • Discover your unique author voice
  • Up your social media game
  • Overcome business hurdles
  • Improve time management and organization
  • Craft a killer business plan

And the list goes on! AI can be your ever-ready personal assistant, business coach, and cheerleader, all rolled into one.

The outcome? Reduced stress. Increased productivity. More time for writing your book and pursuing your passions. And a possible surge in your income.

We'll also go over another great tool, Sudowrite to show you how you can improve your writing and get over writer's block!

Enroll today for a fun-filled hour of class demonstrations, a PDF book packed with 500+ specific writing business prompts, and when you complete this class, you'll get a golden ticket to a 50% discount on the advanced 3-hour class. 

Ready to make AI your new best friend? Sign up now!

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