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Author Signed: Be My Fake Fiance

Author Signed: Be My Fake Fiance

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Now you can get AUTHOR SIGNED paperbacks of USA TODAY BESTSELLING author Laura Burton's series Be My Fake Fiance!

This series is perfect for teenagers and adults alike! The special edition bundle comes hand-wrapped, signed by Laura and they come with stickers! Making it a perfect unique gift for the book lover in your life!

Email with the name you would like in the books, otherwise they will arrive with just a signature.


Love Me Like You Mean It
Best friends Emma and Aiden pretend to be engaged after a white lie spirals out of control.
When Aiden kisses her in front of all his family and doesn't stop when no one is looking, their fake relationship brings on very real feelings. A warm, friends-to-lovers romantic comedy.

Love Me in the Spotlight
Strangers, Melissa and Ronan pretend to be a couple to compete on a game show to win life-changing money.
But their ruse is tested to the max as they compete in a series of life-threatening challenges. Though of all the challenges, Melissa is most nervous about the fact that there is only one bed.

Love Me I'm Your Princess

After discovering she has a long-lost twin sister, Violet switches places with her to find out why the King and Queen of Andonna put her up for adoption. Meanwhile Primrose is yearning for life away from the palace.
But Violet never expected to meet Cristiano, the sexy Italian prince, to sweep her off her feet.
It doesn't take long before she's besotted with the heartthrob. And he makes it clear that the feelings are mutual.
The only hitch: he has no idea she's pretending to be Primrose, whom he is betrothed to!

Love Me One More Time

Zoe has it all. The big house on the beach, the high-flying career, and a mom who's been supporting her through good times and bad. But no matter how big her bank balance, nothing seems to fill the Carter-shaped hole in her life. Carter Black, the one that got away ten years ago. When he steps back into her life asking for a favor, she doesn't hesitate, even if the favor is a big one. His grandma has dementia and thinks they are still together. Instead of breaking her heart every ten minutes, Zoe poses as Carter's fake wife for a family reunion at their private island.

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