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Beastly Secrets: A Beauty and the Beast Romance

Beastly Secrets: A Beauty and the Beast Romance


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It's Beauty and the Beast but imagine BELLE is the Beast!

Belle, a fierce and independent young woman, seeks to uncover the secrets of a dungeon that hold more than just the cure she's looking for.

As she descends deeper into the depths of the dungeon, Belle discovers a chemist unlike any other. A man with no memories, but a heart of gold and a regal past.

With Nathaniel by her side, Belle discovers a love that surpasses all boundaries. But with powerful foes lurking in the shadows, and a beast terrorizing the forest, their happiness is far from guaranteed.

As Belle and Nathaniel fight to uncover the truth about his past, they find themselves entangled in a web of secrets and danger. And when Nathaniel's memories return, he is faced with a difficult choice: stay with the woman he loves or fight for his rightful place as king.

With the clock ticking and their enemies closing in, Belle and Nathaniel have to work together to save the kingdom and secure their happily ever after. For Belle, it's a chance to prove that even a beast can find true love and redemption.

Beastly Secrets is the thrilling third installment of the Fairytales Reimagined series. This heart-pounding wolf shifter romance is full of adventure, sizzling kisses, and suspense. Scroll up and one-click now!

Note: This interconnected series is best enjoyed when read in order.

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