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Heart of Glass

Heart of Glass


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Hercules meets Cinderella in this heart-pounding enemies-to-lovers romance!

Killian, a bounty hunter from the Underworld, has spent centuries capturing souls, and he only needs one more to win the throne and become the Ruler of the Underworld.

After a forbidden song is sung, keeping a soul from going to the Underworld, Killian is sent to capture the newly marked soul. Ella’s.

What Killian doesn’t expect, however, is for her sweet scent and dark, guilty aura to consume his heart.

Ella isn’t surprised when a bounty hunter shows up to claim her soul. After waking up covered in the King’s blood, it appears as though she has murdered him. But her memory of that night is gone and she has no idea what truly happened.

If Killian claims an innocent soul, his streak will go down to zero, causing him to lose his chances of winning the throne.

Now, they need to retrieve Ella’s memory, and discover, once and for all, if she’s guilty or innocent. But the more time they spend together, the more Ella’s emotions invade Killian’s, creating a connection so strong, their souls become tethered.

But with Ella’s soul still marked, and scores of bounty hunters out to get her, how will Killian save her from her fate?

Heart of Glass is the thrilling sixth installment of the Fairytales Reimagined series. This exciting tale is a Cinderella meets Hercules retelling with a Hades and Persephone twist. It has action, greek mythology, toe-curling kisses, and a heart-pounding conclusion that will make your head spin. Scroll up and start reading today!

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