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Love Me One More Time

Love Me One More Time

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He's The-One-That-Got-Away and I'm falling for him all over again.

Carter and I were like fire and gasoline. We knew we were trouble but couldn't resist each other. Our relationship ended in flames and I was left heartbroken. But now, he's back in my life and I can't help the way my heart races every time he's near.

When he asks me for a favor, I know I should say no. But just one look into his pleading eyes and I'm hooked again. Pretend to be his fiancée for the weekend at a fancy resort and make his sweet Grandma happy? Sure, why not?

What could go wrong?

Famous last words. Because, of course, pretending to be in love with him again leads to all kinds of complications. And I can't deny the chemistry between us is still as sizzling as ever.

Can I resist the temptation to fall back into his arms? Or will I succumb to the lure of The-One-That-Got-Away?

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