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Married to a Pirate

Married to a Pirate

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Georgette Harrington had never imagined that her life would be turned upside down in a single night. She was set to marry the handsome Prince Edward, a life of luxury and riches laid out before her. But the fates had other plans, and a band of ruthless pirates invaded the palace, taking her as their captive.

As Georgette tries to come to terms with her new life, she finds herself forced into a marriage with the most feared pirate captain of them all - the rugged and dangerous Captain Stone. With her heart torn between her loyalty to the prince and her growing attraction to her pirate husband, Georgette must navigate the treacherous waters of the pirate world to find a way to escape.

But as she spends more time with the captivating Captain Stone, Georgette finds herself drawn to him in ways she never thought possible. With each passing day, she finds herself falling deeper and deeper in love with the man who holds her captive.

Married to A Pirate is the first book in the thrilling Romancing the Seas series, where danger, passion, and adventure await on every page. Join Georgette as she embarks on a journey of self-discovery and romance, and experience the excitement and intrigue of the high seas.

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Note: This is an interconnected series written for mature audiences only. Whilst the content in this book is considered mild by spicy readers, the spice rises considerably in the following books, so these books are not to be labeled as clean.

Romancing the Seas Reading Order

Book 1: Married to a Pirate
Book 2: Bound to a Siren
Book 3: Sworn to a Demigod

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