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Queen of Snow: A Snow Queen and Jack Frost Romance

Queen of Snow: A Snow Queen and Jack Frost Romance


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Welcome to the magical world of the Chanted Forest, where fairytales come to life, but not quite like the ones you've heard before.

Feeling adrift after his grandfather's passing, Jack stumbles upon a mysterious mirror, revealing an enchanting young woman's reflection. Curiosity piqued, he's swept into a portal and enters the vivid world of the Chanted Forest, where the characters of your favorite fairytales exist.

Princess Aria, a real-life snow princess with magical ice powers, has faced many challenges. After losing her family to the Evil Queen, she's spent a year on the run, living incognito with a band of merry misfits led by Robin Hood. Now, she's on the brink of finishing a magical object - the Mirror of Reason. This mirror is her ticket out of the Chanted Forest, and all she needs is a final piece, which can only be obtained by capturing a young man named Jack.

But as Aria gets to know Jack, her feelings and powers begin to intensify, throwing her plans into disarray. Can she use her growing powers to protect her loved ones, or will it come at a greater cost?

If you love the charm of Disney princesses and the frosty allure of the Snow Queen and Jack Frost, you'll be enchanted by this fresh spin on timeless fairytales. Adventure awaits in the Chanted Forest!

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