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The Rockstar Romance Bundle

The Rockstar Romance Bundle

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"Lara Wynter writes stories that grab you and keep you in a choke hold until you finish! I love the rockstar trope and this bundle will put you through every emotion. Best part? The books are not just for grown-ups, they're great for teens, too!" - Laura Burton

If you're looking for your next rockstar romance fix, this eBook bundle is for you!

From brooding, alpha males who protect their women at all costs, to forgetful heroines who seem to attract danger at every turn. The Rockstar Romance bundle is Lara Wynter's series, THE BAND. It's the perfect blend between romance and suspense, with a sprinkle of humor. 

This bundle will give you the biggest book hangover because once you begin, you will not be able to stop reading until the end. 

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Chasing Forever

Finding Forever

Grab your bundle now and start with book 1: Infuse

Imagine winning a backstage pass to meet a rockstar...then you end up in the hospital!

Autumn is not your average twenty-one year old. She often has trouble just leaving her house. The anxiety is like a curse, threatening to pull her under at any time. She uses music to help her cope. The music that helps the most is by one of the worlds top bands – Infusion Deep.

As lead singer of Infusion Deep, Finn should be on top of the world. His band is one of the hottest on the planet. But for the last two years, he hasn’t been able to write a thing. The band is depending on him, but inside he feels broken and alone.

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