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The YA Fantasy Bundle

The YA Fantasy Bundle

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From Laura: "I devoured this series, and I am proud to partner with USA TODAY Bestselling Author Jessie Cal, who writes 'Anomalous' under the Pen name J C Skylar. Jessie co-wrote the Fairy Tales Reimagined series with me, if you enjoyed those books, you will LOVE these."

Dive headfirst into a world where the ordinary meets the extraordinary in this captivating series of standalone tales, each pulsing with magic, secrets, and forbidden love.

In 'Secret Dreamer', join Sage, a science experiment survivor turned reluctant superhero, who pulls her school's star athlete into her whirlwind of secrets, superpowers, and heart-throbbing romance.

Next, step into Anya's shoes, a quiet healer with a world-shattering secret. When she saves the life of a future hunter of her kind, a dangerous dance of fear, secrets, and impossible attraction begins.

Finally, follow Brooke, a girl with hidden telekinetic powers, who stumbles upon a mysterious book with cryptic clues about her mother's death. As she uncovers the truth with the help of her crush's best friend, she finds her heart caught in a thrilling twist of fate.

From science experiments gone wrong to forbidden healers and secret telekinetics, this thrilling YA series dances on the edge of danger, secrets, and star-crossed love. Unravel the mystery of their extraordinary abilities, watch as they navigate through the labyrinth of love, and brace yourselves for the heart-racing moments that will leave you yearning for more.

Intrigue. Romance. Supernatural. This series has it all. Get ready for a rollercoaster ride that blurs the lines between the mundane and the extraordinary. Each book is a standalone adventure, so dive in anywhere and get lost in this bewitching world of YA fantasy romance. Grab your copies today!

  • Secret Dreamer
  • Silent Healer
  • Opposing Forces

Secret Dreamer: Ch. 1 Look Inside

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