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Truth or Dare: The Complete Collection (Audiobook)

Truth or Dare: The Complete Collection (Audiobook)

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Let the story come to life with this fantastic audiobook at a steal deal price!

Get ready to embark on a delightful journey with our love-laced, hilarious romantic comedy shorts! Feast on this delightful buffet, packed with sizzling kisses, clever banter, and a healthy dose of New York flair!

In "What I Don’t Like About You," frenemies Debbie and Mark find themselves trapped in a basement overnight. Sparks fly in this tantalizing prequel that sets the stage for the entire series. Will they discover hidden feelings amidst their feud?

Dare to get swept off your feet with "Dare Number One: Kiss Me Like You Mean It." Best buddies Holly and Cameron are tasked to share a passionate smooch, recorded and shared on the world wide web. Can their friendship survive this intimate twist?

"Dare Number Two: Don’t Fall in Love," whisks friends Michelle and Jonah to a dreamy couples retreat in Hawaii. Their mission? Participate in all romantic activities, yet resist the urge to fall head-over-heels in love. Can they defy Cupid's arrows?

In "Dare Number Three: Pretend to be Mine," former high school lovers Katia and Ryder are forced to fake an engagement at a family wedding. Will this charade rekindle old flames?

Brace yourself for a rollercoaster of emotions, served with a generous helping of humor, heartfelt moments, and relatable characters you'll want to befriend. This collection of short stories is your perfect escape into a world where love is found in the most delightful, light-hearted ways.

Expect a delicious combo of:

  • Sizzling Kisses? Check.
  • New York-based charm? Double check.
  • College graduates navigating love? You bet.
  • Witty repartee that keeps you chuckling? Absolutely.
  • Satisfying happy endings? Without a doubt!

Don't let these unforgettable stories pass you by. Click that 'BUY' button now to embark on an exciting, fun-filled love adventure! It's time to turn the page on your next favorite romantic comedy series. ☆ Click to purchase and start reading instantly. ☆

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