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Upon a Dream: A Sleeping Beauty Retelling

Upon a Dream: A Sleeping Beauty Retelling

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What if sleeping beauty was trapped in a world of nightmares?

In a realm where nightmares roam freely, Princess Aurora finds herself ensnared in the eerie and unsettling Dreamworld, a place that twists beauty into fear, leaving her trapped amidst shadowy terrors. This haunting world had become her silent prison, a labyrinth of despair where hope seemed to have withered away. Every day, Aurora faced the monstrous manifestations of her deepest fears, her spirit yearning for a sliver of light, a hint of salvation to break through the pervasive darkness that threatened to consume her.

Meanwhile, in the waking world, Prince Tristan grapples with the engulfing shadows of grief and the pressure of an impending coronation. The weight of expectations and the yawning void left by his father's passing drive him to seek refuge in a deep and dreamless sleep. But instead, he stumbles upon Aurora's ethereal prison, their souls connecting in a place where time holds no sway.

United by fate, Tristan vows to rescue Aurora, to bring her back to a world where beauty and love can flourish once more. Yet, time is of the essence, as King Midas and his ruthless army threaten to engulf both their worlds in darkness and greed. A race against time unfolds, where love blossoms amidst chaos, beckoning them to seize a future where their love could defy all odds and triumph over evil.

Read the thrilling seventh Fairy Tales Reimagined book, Upon a Dream now!

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