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Vowed to Hades (Pre-Order)

Vowed to Hades (Pre-Order)


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A Hades and Persephone retelling. (This is a pre-order. Expected release: June 2024.)

Trapped in the haunting depths of the Underworld, Persephone finds herself face-to-face with Hades—the god she loathes, yet can't seem to escape. He claims to hold a secret that could change her perception of him forever. But can she trust him, or is this just another one of his wicked games?

Once the Queen of Darkness, ruling the Underworld at Hades' side, Persephone's memories have been stolen and twisted by her deceitful husband, Adonis. Now, Hades is faced with an agonizing dilemma: Can he restore Persephone's memories and rekindle their ancient love, or has he lost her to the shadows forever?

As Hades and Persephone grapple with their tangled destinies, new heroes emerge and old quests are revived. Captain Stone and Georgette, Hercules and Ava, join Prince Edward and Serena in a perilous journey to unearth the lost bones of Osiris, navigating lands as treacherous as the secrets that divide them.

In 'Vowed to Hades,' love, betrayal, and divine mysteries collide, leaving readers to wonder: Can love truly conquer all, even the darkest of deceptions?

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