Collection: The Pirate Takeover Party!

Ahoy, book-lovers and pirate enthusiasts! 🏴‍☠️💕 The waves have brought in a thrilling announcement: our "Pirate Takeover Party!" is in full swing, and you're all invited to join the revelry! From now through March 30th, we're hoisting the sails for a celebration like no other, where romance, adventure, and swashbuckling fun collide.

What's Docking at Our Shores:

  • Special Edition Foil Cover Paperbacks: Feast your eyes on the shimmering beauty of our limited edition paperbacks, bound to make your bookshelf sparkle with the allure of pirate treasure.
  • Swoony Audiobooks: Let the captivating voice of Samuel James whisk you away on a high seas adventure, as he brings your favorite pirate romances to life in our swoon-worthy audiobooks.
  • Personalized Letters from Captain Stone: Ever dreamed of receiving a letter from a pirate captain? Now's your chance! Order a personalized letter from the brooding and charming Captain Stone himself.
  • Exclusive Coloring Book: Unleash your creativity with our printable coloring book, filled with romantic and adventurous scenes from the pirate world. A perfect way to relax and escape into a world of color and fantasy.

Treasure Awaits:

But that's not all! Every purchase made during the Pirate Takeover Party will enter you into a draw to win an exclusive Pirate Booty Bundle, packed with treasures that will make any pirate's heart race.

Join the Adventure:

Help Captain Stone travel across the United States! We're hoping to sell a copy of Married to a Pirate in every state! When our map is fully colored, we'll run a massive giveaway! It's a fun way to join the pirate crew and embark on a quest that spans the nation.

So, don your pirate hats, grab a mug of grog, and join us for a celebration that's bound to be the talk of the seven seas. The Pirate Takeover Party awaits, and the only thing missing is you! 🍻📚🎉